Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Getting Started

My goal in February and to be continued in March is to go to the gym and work out every day that is not Sunday. I have been doing all right with this goal. I missed four days last week, because of sinus/ear infections, but the second I was better, I have continued to make it to the gym. This made me realize how important staying healthy is to achieving our goals, because once you get sick, everything goes out the window. Then it is so hard to get back in the habit. Everything feeds into each other and our small daily choices of what to eat and do, help keep us healthy. I will be going to Montana during the beginning of March. It is always harder to workout while traveling, but I will do my best and report. Does anyone else have any goals going on right now or coming up soon?

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  1. oh ohhhhhhh

    I forgot about this blog... Hmmmm maybe it is a sign about how much I don't want to work at goals..